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Press Release - Wayne County Friend of the Court-Contacting Referee Courtrooms

Jun 05, 2020

For Immediate Release

Contact:Zenell B. Brown, Executive Court Administrator
 Erin Lincoln, Deputy Court Administrator-Friend of the Court
 (313) 224-2236
Subject:Wayne County Friend of the Court-Contacting Referee Courtrooms


While the Wayne County Friend of the Court remains closed to the public, please see the following information as it relates to the receipt of notice of a Referee hearing and usage of the Referee courtroom email addresses:

If a party or attorney has not received a notice of hearing for their Referee hearing by June 15, 2020, they can call the Referee’s courtroom; numbers can be found at http://www.3rdcc.org/divisions/friend-of-the-court#/list or below.

The following website contains email addresses for all of the Referee courtrooms to which parties and attorneys can email the Referees documentation for upcoming Referee hearings. http://www.3rdcc.org/zoom. Anyone with questions about hearing dates, rescheduling hearings, or hearing notices should call the Referee’s courtroom.

Referee Stephanie Witucki: (313) 224-6521
Referee Diane Biggar: (313) 224-5690
Referee Eric R. Gloudemans: (313) 224-8178
Referee Rosanne S. Hostnik: (313) 224-5037
Referee Viola King: (313) 224-6521
Referee Michelle Letourneau-McAvoy: (313) 224-5186
Referee Christine Rodriguez: (313) 967-6787
Referee Lynn A. Ruhlman: (313) 224-7164
Referee Hulen Simpson: (313) 224-0072
Referee Edrick Thompson: (313) 224-7168
Referee Jessica A. Walker: (313) 224-5369
Referee Lauren Wright Middleton: (313) 224-1790

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