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Press Release - Parent Education Programs

Aug 15, 2022

For Immediate Release



Zenell B. Brown, Executive Court Administrator
Erin Lincoln, Deputy Court Administrator-Friend of the Court

 (313) 224-2239
Subject:Press Release - Parent Education Programs


Detroit, MI – Parenting time and custody should not be mysterious subjects. And mediation is able to offer parents an opportunity to stop fighting and fashion solutions that work for the needs of their families. The Friend of the Court and the Wayne County Dispute Resolution Center have joined resources to help families throughout Wayne County.

In one case, a mother moved out of state with the child, whom the father had not seen for over five years. Thanks to Friend of the Court and mediation, both parents were able to come together, provide their perspectives, suggestions, and concerns, and were able to come to a resolution, establishing visitation rights for the father. Both parents were so overjoyed that the mediation ended in tears, and visitations with the child were able to begin almost immediately.

The Parent Education Training, hosted by the Wayne County Dispute Resolution Center, is a way for parents to learn more about Friend of the Court in the Third Judicial Circuit of Michigan, potential legal resources, and the opportunity to participate in mediation.

Hosted biweekly on Zoom, the class reviews several topics including the types of cases that Friend of the Court handles, the purpose of Friend of the Court, how a case moves through the process, where to get information about a pending Friend of the Court case, and the renewed FOC Consent Docket program.

This session also covers legal and mediation services available to individuals in Wayne County. Topics range from contact information and resources to the purpose of mediation, the mediation process, the benefits of mediation, and more.

There are also opportunities to ask questions about Friend of the Court, mediation and legal services, and other related topics. The virtual sessions are held every other Tuesday at 6 p.m. Parents may join online at Meeting ID 848 9315 7647.

The Wayne County Dispute Resolution Center is located at 835 Mason, Suite C-300, Dearborn, MI 48124. The phone number is (313) 561-3500. Sue Wilson is the Executive Director.






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