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News & Announcements

Press Release - Implementation of a new AI-based “Chatbox”

Sep 28, 2022

For Immediate Release



Zenell B. Brown, Executive Court Administrator

 (313) 224-2236
Subject:Press Release - Implementation of a new AI-based “Chatbox”


Detroit, MI – The Third Judicial Circuit of Michigan is excited to announce the implementation of a new AI-based “ChatBot” Virtual Assistant application on its public website at

This new online user-assistance tool is designed to help users quickly gain access to exactly what they are looking for on the Third Circuit Court website.

The Virtual Assistant system uses a complex, interactive, web-based process behind the scenes, but this results in a simple, easy-to-use set of questions and options that guides users and directs them very quickly to what they need.

The new Virtual Assistant can be used by all levels and types of website visitors from jury members, staff, attorneys, and judges.




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