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For further information regarding filing codes, please refer to the following guide: eFiling Code Guide for Attorneys and In Pro Per Filers 

For help with eSummons, ePraecipe, or navigation on the Third Judicial Circuit website, please send an email to helpdesk@3rdcc.org or call 313-224-0157.  Any email will need to contain Name, contact phone number, and the issue you are looking to resolve - please include case number if applicable. 

For issues regarding MiFile, please contact - 1-855-959-8868 or Support@TrueFiling.com

For issues regarding credit card authorization, please contact VitalChek at 866-628-9244; please select Option 3. 

For any other billing issues, please contact the Wayne County Clerk Fiscal Unit at 313-967-3381.

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Coleman A. Young Municipal Center                                Frank Murphy Hall of Justice
Civil Division                                                                    Criminal Division
Family Division-Domestic Relations                                 1441 St. Antoine
2 Woodward Avenue                                                        Detroit, MI 48226
Detroit, MI 48226

Mediation Tribunal Association                                        Lincoln Hall of Justice
Case Evaluation                                                              Family Division-Juvenile
333 W. Fort Street                                                          1025 E. Forest Avenue
Detroit, MI 48226                                                             Detroit, MI 48207

Penobscot Building
Friend of the Court
645 Griswold
Detroit, MI 48226