Make a Payment

Friend of the Court Matters

Payment Options

Paying your Court Ordered Assessments:

Payment Kiosk

Payment Kiosks are available to accept payment on Court Ordered fees.
Payment Kiosk Locations

Payment at Cashier Window

  • Penobscot Building - 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. (must be in line by 2:45 p.m.)
    Information Service Area
    1st Floor
    645 Griswold
    Detroit, MI 48226    Maps & Directions

  • Must bring your case number to make a payment
  • Forms of payment accepted at the Cashier Window:
    • Cash
    • Money Order – payable to Wayne County Friend of the Court
    • Certified Checks – payable to Wayne County Friend of the Court
    • Mastercard, Visa, American Express or Discover
      Allowed cards of payment
**Personal Checks are NOT ACCEPTED

Payment by Phone

Allowed cards of payment
  • 1-888-604-7888
  • To make a payment you will need the following information:
    • Non Custodial Parent Name
    • Custodial Parent Name
    • Docket # (10 digits)
    • Payment Amount
    • Last 4 Digits of SSN#
    • Cardholder Name
    • Address
    • Cardholder Phone #
  • You will also need to identify the type of payment by the appropriate pay location code from this list:
    • Felony Non Support: Pay Location Code (PLC): 8461
    • Child Support: Pay Location Code (PLC): 8463
    • License Reinstatement Fees: Pay Location Code (PLC): 8465
    • FOC Bench Warr Comm Release: Pay Location Code (PLC): 8469
    • Genetic Testing: Pay Location Code (PLC): 8474

Payment Online

Allowed cards of payment


Make a child support payment at any participating 7-Eleven®, Family Dollar®, or CVS Pharmacy® stores.

To make a payment via PayNearMe:

  1. Visit the website and select the “Cash Payment” option.
  2. Enter requested account information on the PayNearMe® website. Information that is required includes:
    1. Last 4 digits of Social Security Number (SSN)
    2. Your MiSDU Docket Number (yyyy-xxxxxx)
    3. First Name
    4. Last Name
    5. Email or Phone to receive payment confirmation
  3. Select whether you want the payment code sent to your phone or printed out.
  4. Choose from the list of payment locations closest to you.
  5. Visit the store and provide both the payment code and cash to the cashier. Customers pay a $1.99 convenience fee, and PayNearMe® payments can take up to three business days to post, just like other electronic payments made by a customer.


Make a payment at CVS Pharmacy and Walmart stores using the MoneyGram payment option. This option will be available at CVS Pharmacy and Walmart stores only, and does not include CVS Pharmacy locations within Target or other retail stores, or online payments at

To make a payment using MoneyGram:

  1. Find a MoneyGram location – over 34,000 agent locations – at
  2. Bring these with you:
    • Cash – Enough to pay your child support + $3.99 fee
    • Order ID/Docket Number__________________. Parties needing their order ID or docket number can call 1‑877‑543‑2660 to speak with a customer service representative.
    • Receive Code: 14689
  3. Complete your transaction at the cash counter and keep your store receipt.