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Requests for Foreign Language Interpreters

The Third Circuit Court will grant foreign language interpreters when such services are necessary for a person to meaningfully participate in a case or court proceeding or for a person who has a substantial interest in a case or court proceeding in accordance with Michigan Court Rule 1.111.

Requests for language interpreters for court proceedings may be presented to the Clerk of the Courtroom of the judge or judicial officer who will preside over the proceeding. Click here for a complete list of 3rd Circuit Judges, Referees, locations, and telephone numbers.

The request may be made orally or in writing. The Clerk of the Courtroom or the Referee's staff shall contact the appropriate Court Reporting Services personnel to facilitate the proper accommodations requested.

Requests for language interpreters for non-court proceedings may be presented to the court staff and/or supervisor.

Court Reporting Services
Hearing, Speech and/or Visual Impairment - Interpreter Requests and Questions:

Coleman A. Young Municipal Center & The Penobscot Building

Frank Murphy Hall of Justice

Lincoln Hall of Justice

Appeal Process
If your request for a language interpreter has been denied, please contact the Executive Court Administrator's Office at 313-224-5261.