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State of Emergency - Court Protocols (Family Division-Domestic Relations and FOC)

Mar 31, 2020


Subject:State of Emergency - Court Protocols
(Family Division-Domestic Relations Section and Friend of the Court)

PURSUANT TO MCR 8.110(C)(3)(a) and (b), in consideration of the State of Emergency now existing in the State of Michigan, and pursuant to the authority to supervise caseload management and monitor disposition of the judicial work of the court, the Chief Judge of the Wayne County Circuit Court orders as follows:

  1. This Order supplements the 2020 State of Emergency-Family Domestic Relations (CAYMC) Court Protocols dated March 19, 2020, which contains information on which types of Court services are considered essential during the State of Emergency.
  2. The Domestic Scheduling Order in every case is extended by 60 days from its cunent deadlines. There is no need to submit a separate Order.
  3. All Domestic Scheduling Conferences, trials and other hearings before the assigned Judge scheduled between March 16, 2020 and April 30, 2020 are adjourned by this Order. New dates will be set by the assigned Judge's Courtroom. If you have not received a new date within 30 days of the Court resuming full operations, please contact the assigned Courtroom staff, preferably by email.
  4. All Friend of the Court proceedings scheduled between March 16, 2020 and April 30, 2020, including, but not limited to, hearings in front of the Friend of the Court Referees, Friend of the Court initiated Show Cause Hearings, FAME appointments, and Friend of the Court Case Establishment hearings are adjourned by this Order. The Friend of the Court and FAME department will re-notice these proceedings. ,
  5. Motion hearings before the Family Domestic Judges will resume May 4, 2020 subject to further developments related to the Coronavirus.
  6. EMERGENCIES. Emergencies are defined below. As such, there is an Emergency Judge available each day. If you believe you have an emergency, the procedure is:

a. File your Motion on the Second Floor in the Wayne County Clerk's Office, Room 201 Coleman A. Young Municipal Center. If a pleading is submitted as an emergency motion, the pleading should clearly note "Emergency Motion" on the cover page of the document.

b. Once the Motion is filed, present your Motion to the assigned Emergency Judge.

c. The Emergency Judge will review the motion and determine whether the matter is an emergency requiring immediate action. If it is determined to be a non-emergency, the Court will hear the motion upon further order of the Court.


March 31, 2020
Timothy M. Kenny, Chief Judge
Third Judicial Circuit Court of Michigan


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