Financial Administrative Review

The statewide Michigan Child Support Enforcement System (MiCSES) monitors the financial status of your court ordered support obligation(s).

A Financial Administrative Review will be performed when there is an allegation of a mistake of fact.  A mistake of fact means that the identity of the non-custodial parent is in question and/or the account status is in error.  To amend the status of your account in MiCSES, you must provide any of the following documentation:

  • A new court order showing the support obligation has been modified;
  • A court order authorizing credit for support paid directly to the recipient of support.  NOTE: The Friend of the Court cannot accept a notarized letter authorizing credit. Credit can only be given by court order.  Court orders are obtained by filing a motion and having a hearing before a referee.  For information on filing motions, see the other information available on our website.
  • Specific dates of outstanding parenting time (visitation) credits. A copy of your most recent court order must accompany this request; or
  • Copies of valid identification verifying your identity if you allege a mistake in identity or social security number
Submit clear copies to:

Friend of the Court – Information Services Department
Financial Administrative Review Request
645 Griswold Street
Detroit, MI 48226
Fax: 313-967-3509

The Information Services Department will notify you of its findings by mail.

You may contact a Friend of the Court Customer Service representative at 1-844-785-7593 for further information.