Specialty Court Services

Yvonne Barnett Greene
Specialty Court Services Manager


The mission of Specialty Court Services is to oversee the operation of its four (4) treatment based programs; Adult Drug Treatment Court, Urban Drug Court Initiative, Mental Health Court, Veterans Court, and one (1) probation compliance program, Swift and Sure Sanctions Probation Program.

In doing so, we are to ensure that eligible defendants, for any of our programs, are identified at the earliest point in the judicial process and referred for alternative programming to address any underlying substance abuse and/or mental health issues which have led to their criminogenic behavior.


Each program has its own target population as its focus. However, the goals are similar:
  • Reduce drug and alcohol use during program participation
  • Retain participants in substance abuse and mental health treatment
  • Reduce drug and alcohol related crimes in the jurisdiction and
  • Alleviate jail or detention overcrowding by engaging those eligible in evidence-based, effective treatment
We achieve these goals through intense Judicial Supervision and case management. We also receive immense assistance from our community partners who provide participants with intensive out-patient and/or in-patient services and teach them valuable life skills in order to maintain their sobriety and manage their mental health, so that they can be productive members of their community.