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Virtual Courtroom Meeting

Important: Use of Cell Phones or Electronic Devices During Virtual Court Hearings
  • There shall be no recording of court proceedings without the Judge’s or Referee’s permission.
  • Virtual court hearings are subject to the same rules as hearings conducted within a courtroom or referee hearing room. See MCR 8.115.
  • All cell phones and electronic devices must be on silence.
  • There shall be no recording or photographing of people in the courthouse, which includes the virtual court hearing, without their consent.
  • No one shall use a cell phone or other portable electronic device to communicate in any way with any courtroom participant including, but not limited to, a party, a witness, or juror at any time during any court proceedings.

Monday April 19, 2021

Daily Docket A
9:00 AM
Other Matters
19-006363-01-FH Robert Kasprzyk Motion
20-003796-01-FC Delmahn Alford Final Conference
20-004457-01-FC Justin Moss-Matthews Competency Hearing
20-004458-01-FC Justin Moss-Matthews Calendar Conference
21-000485-01-FH Deshawn Burrell Final Conference
21-001890-01-FC Montego Braxton-Woods Calendar Conference
20-004457-02 Demetris Young Calendar Conference
21-001911-01-FH Jason Gnatek Calendar Conference
19-007932-01-FH Dennis Wilson FTA
18-009231-01-FH Montez Smith VOP
19-000428-01-FH Damian Meindl VOP
19-004682-01 Corey Mathis VOP
18-001037-01 Corey Mathis VOP
19-001504-01 Demetrius Kelly VOP
16-009892-01 Allen Gaines VOP
19-009849-01 Corey Lloyd VOP
18-005014-01-FH Keyonta Dean VOP
19-002286-01-FH Joshua Robinson VOP
19-003831-01-FH Joel Morandini VOP

Daily Docket B
9:00 AM
Other Matters
21-000808-01-FC Jeremy Bowens Final Conference
21-000809-01-FC Jeremy Bowens Final Conference
20-005117-01-FC Steven Bratton Pre-Trial
21-001139-01-FH Jacob Breaux Final Conference
21-000134-01-FH Lamont Buffington Sentencing
20-002113-01-FH Rondell Carter Pre-Trial
20-002594-01-FC Roosevelt Dunbar Motion Hearing
20-000825-01-FH Thamir Faraj Show Cause Hearing
15-010701-01-FH Lavette Gartney Show Cause Hearing
20-004303-01-FC Rossoull Graves Pre-Trial
20-001380-02-FC Craig Gulledge Motion Hearing
20-001381-02-FC Craig Gulledge Motion Hearing
20-004578-01-FC Terry Hunter Pre-Trial
21-000084-01-FH Sean Michael Johnson Pre-Trial
21-000085-01-FH Sean Michael Johnson Pre-Trial
19-002774-01-FH Ernest Meeks Show Cause Hearing
20-003406-01-FC Terrance Moorlet Final Conference
20-004214-01-FC Terrance Moorlet Final Conference
21-000041-01-FC Terrance Moorlet Final Conference
20-004777-01-FH Anthony Norris Pre-Trial
21-000112-01-FC Deangelo Smith Final Conference
20-005047-01-FH Raequan Williams Calendar Conference

Daily Docket C
1:00 PM
Other Matters
20-002756-01 James McCoy Violation Hearing
21-001989-01-FC Keron Hawkins AOI
21-001988-01-FC Bradly Dickens AOI
21-002012-01-FH Michael Matchko AOI
21-002011-01-FH Michael Matchko AOI
21-1990-01      Robert Alexander AOI
21-1991-01      David Reese AOI
21-1992-01      Matthew Reeves AOI
21-1994-01      Rayshawn Chambers AOI
21-2013-01      Jaden Jones AOI
21-2014-01      Jaden Jones AOI
21-2015-01      Jaden Jones AOI
21-2016-01      Jaden Jones AOI
08-009611-01-FH Robert Briscoe Probation Violation Sentence
19-009026-01-FH Antonio Owens Pre-Trail
16-004403-01-FH Montrail Vawters Review Date
21-001873-01-FH Montice McFee Calendar Conference
19-009280-01-FH Terry Moody Violation Hearing
21-001761-01-FH Rodger Wantin AOI/Calendar Conference
13-010438-01 Ruben Colon FTA
04-018854-01 Donna Tittle FTA

Daily Docket D
1:00 PM
Other Matters
20-000087-01 Kenyon Petties Violation Hearing
21-001927-01-FC Alexander Phillips Calendar Conference
21-001934-01-FC Daron Dewayne Williams Calendar Conference
21-001944-01-FC Derrell Smith Calendar Conference
19-001857-01-FH Shannon Tanner Violation Hearing
19-002072-01-FH Shannon Tanner Violation Hearing
21-001257-01-FC James Edward Bryant Sentencing
20-005094-01-FH Jasmine Jackson Tether
21-000081-01-FH Reaver Young Tether
19-008968-01 Tyler Presley VOP
20-004562-01-FH Larry Brown Sentencing
19-004434-01-FC Ramone Conneilies Pre-Trial/Review
20-002830-01-FH Duan Jones Final Conference
20-002831-01-FH Duan Jones Final Conference
20-002832-01-FH Duan Jones Final Conference
20-004455-02-FC Stephen Priutt Motion Hearing
21-000907-01-FC Michael Whetstone Pre-Trial
16-002059-01-FH Dean Johnson VOP
16-010335-01-FH Dean Johnson VOP

In-Person Hearings
12:30 am 20-000381-01-FC Phillip DeMouy Competency Hearing Live Streaming for Judge B. Hathaway