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Virtual Courtroom Meeting

Important: Use of Cell Phones or Electronic Devices During Virtual Court Hearings
  • There shall be no recording of court proceedings without the Judge’s or Referee’s permission.
  • Virtual court hearings are subject to the same rules as hearings conducted within a courtroom or referee hearing room. See MCR 8.115.
  • All cell phones and electronic devices must be on silence.
  • There shall be no recording or photographing of people in the courthouse, which includes the virtual court hearing, without their consent.
  • No one shall use a cell phone or other portable electronic device to communicate in any way with any courtroom participant including, but not limited to, a party, a witness, or juror at any time during any court proceedings.

Tuesday August 3, 2021

Daily Docket A
9:00 AM
Other Matters
19-003489-01-FH Eladio Harper Tether
19-004505-01-FH Eladio Harper Tether
21-004823 Juan Rivera Disposition Conference
21-005083-01-FH Marc Kimbrough AOI
20-001057-01-FH Ali Hussein VOP
16-0095174-01-FH Pierre Winfield FTA
19-009193-01-FH Pierre Winfield FTA
17-009508-01-FH David(Daivd) Cook VOP
17-006991-01-FH Delon Jennings VOP
19-007337-01-FH Don Brown VOP
18-004463-01-FH Donato Cavins FTA
14-008115-01-FH Tommie Henderson FTA
07-024512-01-FH Reuben Carter FTA

Daily Docket B
9:00 AM
Other Matters
21-001664 Basim Bajra Pre-Trial
20-001522 Christopher Bey Final Conference
21-001990 Robert Alexander Final Conference
21-002119 Forest McBain Sentencing
21-002727-01 Johnnie Lee Wooton Final Conference
21-004062-01-FH Jalone Barr Calendar Conference
20-004108 Zachary Lamoureaux Pre-Trial
21-004204 Zachary Lamoureaux Pre-Trial
21-002846-01 Addie Smoot Final Conference
21-002846-02 Wayne Owens Final Conference
21-001404 David Easterly Final Conference
21-002550 Andre Warwick Final Conference
21-002551 Andre Warwick Final Conference
18-005085 Corey Hawkins Violation Hearing
18-005209-01-FH Eric Eubanks FTA
19-006425-01- Eric Eubanks Sentencing
21-001369-01-FH Jason Wiper FTA
21-005081-01-AX Nery Navas-Galeno Extradition

Daily Docket C
1:00 PM
Other Matters
19-007457-01-FH Albert Gordon Sentencing
21-004821-01-FH Chantel Heistand AOI
21-004860-01-FH Chaz Smith AOI
19-003838-01-FH Carl Boone VOP
18-002875-01-FH Lonnie Powell VOP
16-006513-01-FH Alfonzo Washington FTA
18-001953-01 Stefan Wainwright Sentencing
21-004158-01 Ramero Martin AOI
21-004991-01 Amaru Brumfield AOI
19-000078-01 Malena Ramirez Violation Hearing
18-003184-01 Lawrence Anquetil Violation Hearing
19-002286-01 Joshua Robinson Violation Hearing
19-006886-01-FH Timothy Schmelzer Tether
20-000817-01-FH Timothy Schmelzer Tether
19-007626-01-FH Jessie Briggs Tether
21-001396-01-FH Michael Teen Tether
21-005092-01-FH Perry Baker AOI

Daily Docket D
1:00 PM
Other Matters
21-004500-01-FH Michael Minter Calendar Conference
21-004599-01-FH Markese Alexander Calendar Conference
19-007345-01-FH Hussein Al-Maleki Violation Hearing
19-007647-01-FH Hussein Al-Maleki Violation Hearing
21-003356-01-FC Kristofer Dye Final Conference
19-004153-01-FC Nathaniel Gill Pre-trial
20-001676-01-FC Antonio Jackson, Jr. Pre-trial
21-001835-02-FC Christian Johnson Calendar Conference
21-004485-01-FH Leondius Kriksey Disposition Conference
21-004486-01-FH Leondius Kriksey Disposition Conference
21-005062-01-FH Antonio Mitchell Calendar Conference
20-001021-01-FJ Brandon Pinkney-Greenwood Final Conference
21-004654-01-FH Kunosi Polk Calendar Conference
21-001835-01-FC Terrance Pringle Final Conference
20-005066-01-FH Charles Sharon Final Conference
20-004306-01-FC Ta Vone Spearman Final Conference
21-003482-01-FC Nicholas White Final Conference
21-003482-01-FC Nicholas White Final Conference

8:30 am 19-005693-01-FH Christopher Moore Jury Trial

In-Person Hearings

1:00 pm 21-001444-01-FC Katelyn Ling Evidentiary Hearing View Streaming for Judge Van Houten

1:30 pm 20-001495-01-FH Maurice Ashford Plea HearingView Streaming for Judge Cusick