Practice Tips for Attorneys

Friend of the Court (FOC) Contact Information
Attorney Email:
focattorneyline@3rdcc.org (You must have an appearance or access form on file.)
General Email:
Call Center:
Attorney Line:
313-224-5295 (You must have an appearance or access form on file.)

  • Domestic Relations Matters are heard at the Coleman A. Young Municipal Center (CAYMC), Two Woodward Ave, Detroit, MI and the Friend of the Court (FOC), 645 Griswold, Penobscot Building, Detroit, MI.
  • File your motion with the County Clerk. If you have a FOC Motion, bring a copy of your motion to the FOC Scheduling Office, 900 A, CAYMC. If you have a motion for the Judge, take it to the courtroom to get your date.
  • Attach a copy of your prior order to any motion filing. The FOC Scheduling Office will not schedule a motion unless the prior order is included pursuant to the docket directive 2010-02. (Most matters are scheduled within 4 weeks of filing.)
  • For parenting time enforcement, you must first file a request to enforce Parenting Time/Custody form. The FOC has this form and the matter will be scheduled on the parenting time docket.
  • For child support motions, come prepared with your child support recommendation. These matters are scheduled for hearing and not referred to investigation.
  • Utilize our attorney work stations located at the Coleman A. Young Municipal Center on the 7th floor. Referee Recommendations and Orders (RROs) and the Michigan Child Support Formula are available on these computers.
  • If both sides are represented in a divorce action, a FOC investigation regarding child support is not required. Check the box to request an investigation only if it is needed.
  • To save time, you can prepare the RRO after your matter is heard by the Referee.
  • Be on time for your hearing.
  • When filing objections to a Referee’s Recommendation, submit the motion and all exhibits to the assigned judge.
  • Currently, adjournments of FOC motions are handled by the FOC Referee’s courtroom. You may only adjourn three (3) times, and you must have consent of the other side.
  • Payments mailed to the Michigan Disbursement Unit are applied according to federal regulations. If your client needs to make a payment on a specific case, they should pay in-person and advise the Cashier.
  • Please request to see a supervisor or manager if you have any customer service concerns. Customer satisfaction surveys are available in the public lobby; we are very interested in receiving your feedback.
  • If you would like to receive appointments as Assigned Counsel for paternity, contempt, and felony non-support cases, contact Case Processing at (313) 224-5258.
Wayne County Family Bar sponsors an annual Nuts and Bolts Seminar in addition to hosting monthly meetings. Wayne County Third Circuit Court and FOC updates are announced at these.