Enforcing a Support Order

How Do I Enforce a Child Support Order?
Support Enforcement

If the party ordered to pay child support is not paying in full or on time, the Friend of the Court can help you collect, or enforce, the support order. You can ask the Friend of the Court directly in several ways:

  • Visit our Information Services Department in the Penobscot Building, 645 Griswold St, Detroit MI 48226. You will need a valid state-issued photo ID to be served
  • Call 1-844-785-7893 and request enforcement.
  • Email FOC-Help@3rdcc.org.
  • Mail a written request to FOC Information Services Department, 645 Griswold, Detroit, MI 48226

A copy of the Child or Spousal Support Order you are seeking to enforce must be attached to any written request.

The Friend of the Court can set the matter for a show cause hearing. The other party will be ordered to appear and show why the Court should not find him/her in contempt for failing to comply with the Court’s order. You, the child support recipient are encouraged to attend the hearing to present any important information.

You may contact the Friend of the Court Customer Service Unit at 1-844-785-7593 or email the FOC at FOC-Help@3rdcc.org for further assistance.