Clinic for Child Study

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Mission Statement

The Third Circuit Court Clinic for Child Study provides family focused services aimed to empower at-risk and court involved youth and their families to build healthy futures.  Strong Families = Healthy Children

The Clinic for Child Study is a department of the Third Circuit Court. The Clinic extends the continuum of care of the Detroit Wayne Mental Health Authority (DWMHA) by providing mental health services to a population that is traditionally underserved: juveniles who have the dual concerns of delinquency and mental health. Given our unique focus, the Clinic has been able to utilize therapeutic jurisprudence to motivate youth and families to comply with mental health treatment. Our accreditation body, the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF), has repeatedly recognized our success in balancing the needs of both mental health and the Court systems. 

The following Clinic programs are accredited under the mental health umbrella of CARF: Assessment and Referral (adults, children and adolescents); Case Management/Services Coordination (children and adolescents); Court Treatment Mental Health (children and adolescents); (Outpatient Treatment (children and adolescents); and Intensive Family-based Services (children and adolescents).


The Clinic for Child Study was founded in 1915 and was originally affiliated with the State Psychopathic Hospital in Ann Arbor. The Clinic originated through the efforts of Dr. H. N. Barrett of the Psychopathic Hospital and Judge Henry S. Hulbert. In spite of its early alliance with the Ann Arbor hospital, the primary function of the Clinic, since its inception, has been to provide clinical services to the Wayne County Juvenile Court. This association with the hospital was terminated in 1927 and the next several decades saw the development of firmer ties with the Court. In 1946 the name of the Clinic was changed to Wayne County Juvenile Court Clinic for Child Study. This modification was effected to indicate the recognition of the need for a mental health clinic operating exclusively for the Juvenile Court. In 1966 referrals again began to be accepted from the greater community. Since that time this policy has fluctuated between allowing external referrals and Court referred youth only. Presently, the Clinic is providing services from a variety of external referrals along with continued services to Court ordered referrals. In 1965 a funding relationship began with the then Detroit-Wayne County Mental Health Agency. That relationship with the Detroit Wayne Mental Health Authority continues to this day.

Throughout the last 100 years the Clinic has provided an assortment of services including psychiatric and psychological assessments as well as outpatient treatment services for guardianship, delinquency and abuse/neglect cases. Over the last 20 years case management, Home-Based services and psychiatric medication prescribing and monitoring has been added to the overall services offered by the Clinic.

The Clinic for Child Study Values

  • Teamwork:  I pledge to respect others’ input and encourage cooperative relationships and communication with a goal of mutual understanding and achievement.
  • Integrity:  I pledge to take responsibility for completing my job effectively, competently, and honestly, while honoring self-care.
  • Dignity:  I pledge to treat everyone with fairness, showing concern by honoring and respecting their individual needs and point of view.
  • Empowerment:  I pledge to inspire hope by creating a supportive environment that motivates everyone toward success in the journey of self-care and positive change.

Tide of Change

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